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Pay Tribute To The Ceramic Tile Industry Predecessors
- Nov 11, 2018 -

In the 40 years of reform and opening up this year, there are 40 years of activities everywhere. In the industry, Huaxia Ceramics has a series of "40 years and 40 brands" selection activities, and a series of reports that have been stirred for 40 years.

Soon, Ceramic Finance participated in a series of special reports on the "Fine 40 Years" series, and its opening article - "Chinese Ceramics 40 Years of Different Ways: Torment, Elimination and Surplus" has received much attention. The author Mao Guozhong, age and age of employment are not counted. Big, can spend a lot of time to find a lot of industry data and materials for the past 40 years, and completed the high-quality "fine 40 years - 40 years of reform and opening up China's large-scale special report on building ceramic industry | opening".

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