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Opening Ceremony Of Shanxi·Luzhou Ceramic Products Import And Export Fair
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Shanxi Luzhou Ceramic Products Import and Export Fair kicked off. 

On April 18th, thousands of pottery merchants from 31 countries and regions gathered in front of the wooden pagoda in Yingxian County of Ganzhou City to participate in the opening ceremony of the Shanxi-Zhangzhou Ceramic Products Import and Export Fair.

The ceramic industry in Luzhou has a long history of development. The reserves of ceramic materials such as coal gangue, kaolin, and clay are rich and of high quality.

This time, Zhangzhou will use the platform of the trade fair to promote the economic and trade exchanges of the ceramic industry and create a "China's daily-use porcelain production base" to further stimulate the innovation of the ceramic industry in Zhangzhou. The trade fair will continue until April 20.

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