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Nansha Youth Summer Activity Non-genetic Inheritance Teaches You To Make Cantonese Moon Cakes
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Recently, the Lingnan Cultural Promotion Campaign held by the Guangzhou Children's Library and the Nansha District Library was held on the third floor of the Nansha District Library. On the same day, there was not only a non-genetic inheritance scene to teach moon cake culture. The children of Nansha also actively shared the story with the Mid-Autumn Festival. A weekend full of traditional culture attracted more than 30 families to sign up. Together, they made a wide-ranging lotus-style moon cake, together with “Yueyue Lingnan”.

At the event site, the assistant director of Guangzhou Lianxianglou Co., Ltd., the Chinese-style noodle senior technician Zhao Bingnan and other snack chefs not only shared the stories of the past and present of the Cantonese-style mooncakes for more than 70 families, but also taught the mooncakes on the spot. Production. According to reports, the two generations of the recruiting masters serve the Lianxiang Building. Since the age of 20, the recruiting master has been working in the lotus seedlings and moon cakes in the Lianxiang Building. He has nearly 40 years of experience in making lotus seed fillings.

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