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Marble Tile Exhibition Hall Opening Ceremony
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Marble tile exhibition hall opening ceremony and factory exchange conference held ceremoniously

The opening ceremony of the marble tile exhibition hall was grandly opened to welcome guests from all walks of life with the loud slogan of "big enterprises seek big momentum". The opening ceremony of the exhibition hall not only gathered the strength of many dealers and the mainstream media of the industry, but also invited the leaders and guests headed by Li Bingren, president of China Architectural Decoration Association.

There is a packed exhibition hall opening site.

Luxurious atmosphere, gold, jade, marble, and tile exhibition hall.

Focus on the industry's attention launching ceremony

Since the launch of marble tiles on December 28, last year, Xiong Dailin, Zhang Xinyu, Han Xue, Wen Bixia, Wu Qixian and other popular stars favor the brand platform, the terminal sales market response is enthusiastic, has attracted the attention of the industry.

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