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International Stage Guangzhou Good Voice! Innovative Story Landing In Boao
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Davos, Paris, Beijing, Guangzhou... In the past few months, from the winter Davos to the 2018 China Guangzhou International Investment Conference, Guangzhou has issued the “Guangzhou Voice” at its influential international events at home and abroad this year. Through the deep dialogue between the international event and the world, the "Guangzhou Story" will be further sailed out.

     In 2018, it will be the year of Guangzhou's urban image international communication and international brand promotion. The new round of Guangzhou city image promotion global roadshow will be launched again. The next 2018 International Financial Media Forum, World Route Conference, Fortune Global Technology Forum and other international events will be held in Guangzhou to provide more international stage for the “Guangzhou Story”.

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