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Industry Hundred Flowers Award Rises With The Brand
- May 16, 2018 -

As the annual event of the ceramics industry, it was hailed as the top ten brands of the Chinese architectural sanitary ceramics of the 2018 annual "Hundred Flowers Award" of the industry. This election also received an unprecedented warm response, which was obtained in the Chinese ceramic tile, sanitary ware, real estate, and pan-home industries. extensive attention.

In 2018, the top ten brands of ceramics selected ten ceramic brands, ten ceramic tile brands, ten bathroom brands, one ceramic brand, ten modern brick brands, ten major brands of functional bricks, ten brands of polished tiles, and wood grain bricks. Top 10 brands, top ten brands of marble tiles, top ten brands of antique tiles and other 10 awards, 100 companies put on the glory of the industry “Hundred Flowers Award”. The conference pays tribute to the awarding of the award-winning brand, in recognition of the value of its brand and the outstanding contribution made by the brand influence, and expects them to continue to play an exemplary role in the Chinese manufacturing brand in the era of this era of innovation. For the industry name.


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