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Industry Gathering Industry Internet Elements Highlight
- Jun 03, 2018 -

In industrial development, the accumulation of production areas is an important aspect. The advantages of producing clusters can play a variety of effects such as branding, capacity, and cost reduction. Take Guangdong as an example, Guangdong is one of the birthplaces of Chinese ceramic tiles. At present, the annual output accounts for more than 50% of the total output of the country. The main production base is in Foshan, and there are other production areas such as Heyuan, Zhaoqing and Qingyuan. The biggest highlight of Guangdong Ceramics is Foshan Ceramics. Foshan has a large number of ceramics companies and has a large scale. For the time being, it is unmatched by other producing areas. Only the number of well-known Chinese trademarks acquired by the ceramic industry accounts for More than half of the country, and in the local market has a high visibility and strong market penetration, regardless of the scale of production, technology, enterprise management or product support, etc., in all major producing areas are first-class, leading the The trend of building ceramics in China.

The main mode of China tile industry network: Take tile factory (B2) as the center and construct it online: online ceramic city + online design + information + O2O shopping guide + event promotion, build offline: 1. Layout all over the country, logistics public library, realize Tile handling 2 times to the C-side consumer hands, reduce logistics costs and handling losses (10%), shorten the user's arrival time and improve the experience; 2, reduce the intermediate wholesale links (B3), save 30% of the intermediate profits, Turn tile retail store B4 into O2O Experience Service Center (B4). O2O linkage is realized by B4 and online. As a whole, C-end consumers reduce purchase costs by at least 40% and improve user experience.

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