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In The Use Of The Ancient Jiashan Tunnel, What Is The Driver’s View Of The Tunnel?
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Glowing glow without glare

On the afternoon of the 19th, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter drove through the ancient Jiashan tunnel. From the moment he entered the tunnel, the reflective tiles were illuminated by light and the tunnel looked like daylight. However, the light was very soft, there was no dazzling glare, and no tunnel was entered. After feeling a gloom. After a few hundred meters in the tunnel, there is no reflective tile installed in the middle of the tunnel. Only the brightness of the light is shining. At this time, the tunnel becomes dim, and the lights must be turned on to drive normally, which forms a clear contrast with the tunnel where the tiles are installed.

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Mr. Zhang is a long-distance bus driver from Mianyang and Xi'an. He is familiar with the road conditions of the Mianyang-Xi'an section of the Beijing-Kunming Expressway, but each time he passes through the Qinling Tunnel Group, there is an inexplicable panic. "Since the end of last year, I have witnessed the change of the Gujiashan Tunnel day by day. After the construction and reconstruction, a new feeling of tunnel completely changed my impression of the tunnel: the Gujiashan Tunnel is bright and not glaring, and the traffic feels comfortable! "Mr. Zhang said.

Besides,this kind of tiles are easy clean than other tiles.

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