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In The Concrete Building Project Competition, Zhengzhou Young Man Played Stable
- Jul 28, 2018 -

10 teams of concrete construction projects participated in the competition. 20 teams of ceramic tile veneer projects participated in the competition. 14 teams from the wall plastering project participated in the competition. Many of the contestants were among the top leaders in the provincial and provincial competitions. The competition was very competitive. fierce. Zhang Yangguang and Li Guanghao combination, Guo Yujie are the students of the Business Eagles College's autumn building construction in the autumn eagle class. After nearly a year of hard training and preparation, they stand out and represent Henan. The college's elite team consisting of team leaders, coaches and guarantees overcomes the difficulties of lack of experience in the first competition and goes all out to serve the events, ensuring the players' good status and stable performance.

July news 17.jpg

Guo Yujie in the tile veneer project competition

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