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Import And Export Fair Influence
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The ceramic products import and export trade fair will further promote the economic transformation in Ganzhou to leapfrog the development, cultivate and expand the high-end ceramic industry in the “2+7” industrial structure of Chuzhou City, and create a ceramic product export base and enhance the world reputation of Chenzhou Ceramics. This is an important measure; it is also an important measure for Bozhou City to further expand its opening to the outside world and promote economic growth. This exhibition has more and better access to the domestic and foreign markets for the ceramics of Cangzhou, strengthening the exchanges and cooperation with various regions at home and abroad, letting customers at home and abroad know more about the ceramic culture of Quzhou ceramics and the Quzhou ceramics, and promoting the quality of ceramic products in Cangzhou. Strong ceramics industry will certainly play a huge role in promoting and will provide strong support for the economic transformation and upgrading of Zhangzhou and the writing of the chapter of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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