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If You Don't Watch The World Cup, Let's Take A Look At The History Of Chinese Ceramic Tile Brand Development.
- Nov 25, 2018 -

Although the Banpo people were making pottery on the land of China in the matriarchal society of 6,000 years ago, Chinese ceramics have been mainly confined to the fields of daily-use ceramics and craft ceramics for thousands of years, and a small number of ceramic products are also Refers to ceramic tile terracotta produced by hand or semi-manual.

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In 1914, Wu Youqing founded Qingshan Porcelain Kiln in Wenzhou, which created the modern Chinese ceramics production. In the 1920s and 1930s, Taishan Brick, Desheng Kiln, Xishan Kiln and other enterprises were established. Among them, Wenzhou national capitalist Wu Baiheng hired a technician to build the Xishan Porcelain Factory in Xishan, Wenzhou City in 1939. In 1943, he successfully produced the first glazed tile in China, thus unveiling the prelude of China's building ceramics industry.

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