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How To Judge The Response Method Of The Old House Renovation Market
- Nov 24, 2018 -

  First of all, because the refurbished market is relatively scattered, it is different from the rough house of the new real estate. When a real estate is opened, the owner will concentrate on this area and go directly to the community promotion and activities to get results. Renovation of old houses is not just a need for rough houses. You don’t know where the owners are coming out, they are very scattered. So the best way is to find them by using a home improvement company or an intermediary company and a designer.

    Secondly, in general, a large part of the refurbished customers start from the partial transformation of the kitchen and bathroom. This part has to rely on the whole equipment or the kitchen and bathroom equipment and home appliances to join forces.

    Third, no matter which field is borrowed, the brand of the tile itself is still too hard, so that consumers have to know, otherwise it is more difficult to borrow. Therefore, brand marketing has to do a lot of work, and it needs to cover consumers extensively - even if it is covered by a region, consumers must have brand recognition.

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