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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Tiles
- Sep 14, 2018 -


Mainly to see if there are black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, scratches, stains, missing edges, and angled vitrified tiles on the tile surface.


 the amount

It is the weight of the enamel, the feel of the test tile, the same specification product, the good quality, the high-density brick feel is relatively heavy, on the contrary, the quality of the product feels lighter.


By tapping on the tiles and by listening to the sound to identify the quality of the tiles, the following two aspects are introduced according to the kitchen wall tiles and vitrified tiles:


Unpacking inspection to see if there is any damage, take one piece of different box products, and see if there is any color difference after tiling.

black wood effect tiles white wood look porcelain tile

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