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How To Customize In The Stock Room Era, The Old House Decoration Into A New Breakthrough
- Dec 02, 2018 -

Under the vicissitudes of the times, every industry should follow the changes to find a way to survive. Due to the turmoil in the upstream housing market, the home industry is inevitably affected, from rough to hardcover, from increment to stock, to meet consumer demand is the home business enterprise The principle of unchanging, on this basis, make specific changes.

At one time, the home building materials business was hot, and the business was bleak in 2018. As the environment changed, consumers changed. Environmental changes: rough housing gradually withdraws from the market, and hardcover houses are maturing; the peak of new housing delivery has passed, and stocks will dominate. Consumer change: It was originally bought by the owner, looking for the construction of the decoration company. Now it is a one-stop solution for the whole installation; the decoration owner is changing from 70 after 80 to 85, after 90.

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