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How Is A Wood Grain Brick Made?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The wood grain bricks are designed according to the texture of the wood, but they are different from the texture of the wood; the texture of the wood is relatively natural, but the texture of the wood grain bricks is only based on the wood texture; Tiles also have the character of natural wood; at the same time, they are designed in a variety of colors; the color of wood grain bricks can be freely matched; the natural personality of wood grain bricks is so unique!

Next, we talked about how wood grain bricks are made. How do I say that, wood grain bricks are also a kind of ceramic tiles, of course, are also the same with the ceramic tiles made by the program, the difference is in the wood Before the tile is baked, we must first design the texture of the pottery clay; how to arrange it, and then design the clay to be baked again; after finishing the polishing, it will be polished! After the polishing is completed, it will become a wood grain tile!

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