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How Does Cui Zhaoju Understand The University Question In Tiling?
- Jul 08, 2018 -

Cui Zhaoju, a 20-year-old student from Zhejiang Construction Technician College, is a student of construction engineering construction. In the 44th World Skills Competition held in Abu Dhabi, UAE last October, he defeated the team and won the gold medal in the tile veneer project. This is also the first gold of the Chinese Legion in this project.

Don't underestimate the tiling, there is a lot of learning here. First of all, the cutting precision of the tile is very high, and the error requirement is less than 1 mm. Secondly, the order of posting is also very particular, and it needs to be considered in full and gradually implemented.

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Before each training, Cui Zhaoju will carefully conceive. After the training, he will sum up the lessons and improve in the next training. This kind of attitude of excellence has made him gain and progress in every training.

In addition to excellent skills, you can have a good attitude in the big game. In the World Veneer tile veneer project, two walls require tile puzzles, one is the UAE landmark building, and the other is the UAE national emblem picture. The players need to use different color shapes to accurately cut the tiles and fit them. On the first day of the competition, Cui Zhaoju completed 1.5 hours later than expected. Fortunately, he adjusted it in time on the second day, and played well on the third and fourth days.

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