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How Do Ceramic Companies Regulate The Market
- Sep 07, 2018 -

The growth model in China's ceramics industry has been broken. Consumer iterations have brought about changes in the ceramic market environment, industry barriers have been broken, various forces have gradually merged, and retail channels have become diversified. Throughout the overall situation, in the life-and-death transformation of the ceramics industry, standardized enterprises can gain a place.

China's ceramics industry has been developing almost at the "speed of light" in recent years. The Chinese ceramics industry is gradually standardized, the industry is concentrated in differentiation, and the internal growth model is gradually being broken. The shift in consumption patterns is changing the industry.

In the past three or four decades, the development of China's ceramic industry has been an endogenous development model.

Today, this situation is gradually being broken.

Judging from the perspective of the global ceramics industry, China's ceramics has become a real powerhouse for building ceramics. It not only has the ability to integrate the industrial chain to the world, but also has the ability to export the industrial chain to the world. In the process of building ceramics into globalization in China, a strong supporting industry provides a constant support.

Judging from the development trend of the industry, China's Jiantao is now standing at the critical point of great change. The lifestyle changes brought about by consumer iterations are reshaping the ecology of China's ceramic industry chain. Around the backbone of providing solutions for the new generation of consumers, the barriers to the ceramic industry are being broken step by step. From the inside to the outside, various forces infiltrate each other, extend each other, and constantly cross the border, eventually forming a new industrial chain. Ecology.

At the same time, the channels are constantly changing in the process of differentiation, and the industry is gradually diverging in the rheological process. The real estate industry, with increasing concentration, provides the soil for growth in the emergence of oligarchs in the ceramics industry. Mainstream brand companies continue to expand production capacity, seize channels, and sprint to large-scale targets, while small and medium-sized enterprises are also looking for opportunities for survival and development on the road to differentiation.

In this revolutionary transformation, life and death, China's Jiantao is bidding farewell to the era of barbaric growth and gradually moving toward standardization.


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