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Hipster Teaches You To Buy Wood Grain Floor Tiles
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Because of the large difference in price, consumers can easily choose from laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, and solid wood flooring when purchasing flooring. However, due to the emergence of wood grain brick flooring with similar appearance and solid wood flooring and a much lower price than solid wood flooring, many owners have made difficult choices when selecting floors. So what are the characteristics of wood grain brick floor?

◎ wood grain brick floor belongs to laminate flooring

According to Bai Yongju, a senior shopping guide manager, Yong Zhanyong, wood grain brick flooring is actually a laminate floor, but it is only slightly different from traditional reinforced flooring in terms of craftsmanship. Reporters found in large-scale building materials stores such as B&Q and Home Depot that wood-grained brick flooring looks similar to solid wood flooring. The price is about 110 yuan per square meter, which is comparable to that of 12-mm-thick reinforced wood flooring. It is no wonder that Mr. Yang is very excited.

Yong Yong said that after the market test of wood grain brick floor for a period of time, the current price is more compatible with its characteristics. When consumers purchase wood grain brick flooring, they can grasp the price and floor color, and not too much. I care about its title.

◎ Wearable, affordable but with a general touch

As the wood grain floor is a laminate floor, Feng Changrui, head of Hongnai Flooring, said that in terms of wear resistance and environmental protection index, the implementation of the wood grain floor is to strengthen the floor of the national standard. The difference between the two is mainly reflected in the splicing between the wood grain on the surface and the floor.

The structure of the wood grain floor is basically the same as that of the fortified floor, except that the original wood grain printed on the decorative paper is printed on the decorative paper to look more like solid wood floor; the stitching way on the wood grain brick floor is not reinforced with the seamless floor. Stitching, but the v-type process of moulding wood tile floor, more solid wood floor three-dimensional, big European floor manufacturers representative Xiong Fang said.

Speaking of the advantages and disadvantages of wood grain floor and solid wood floor, He Yong, the floor sales manager of Shengxiang, said that the wood grain floor floor has the advantages of wear-resistance, easy care, and affordable, and it is also close to the wood floor. However, its environmental protection level is still inferior to solid wood flooring, and its foot feel is also general.

◎How to buy wood grain brick floor

When purchasing a wood-grained brick floor, this hometown advisor, Zhu Gong, stated that consumers should examine the following aspects:

1. Choose a good brand

A good brand can better protect the quality of wood grain brick flooring. Wood grain brick floor has become a gimmick for businesses to compete for promotion. Its production process is stricter than ordinary laminate flooring, so choosing a large brand of flooring will save consumers a lot of worries;

2. Check the floor price

12mm wood-grain brick manufacturers floor to the grass-roots of the process requirements are relatively high, so its cost is also a little higher than the ordinary laminate flooring, and the market is guaranteed brand wood grain brick floor price is generally around 110 yuan per square meter If the price is lower than 80 yuan, its quality is worth scrutinizing;

3. Grasp its environmental protection level and wear coefficient

When testing the wear coefficient, the consumer can use the hard object to draw the surface of the floor, and the floor with the wear-resistance coefficient can not leave obvious marks after the hard object is crossed.

4. Note the degree of bite and groove in the bite

Consumers should pay attention to the concave and convex grooves on the floor when purchasing, and the tightness of the concave and convex grooves directly affects the service life of the wood grain brick floor. If the concave and convex grooves are not tightly engaged, there will be gaps after the floor is used for a period of time. After entering water vapor and dust, the floor will be deformed and foamed.

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