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High Price Is The Stumbling Block Of Thick Crystallites To The Market
- Oct 30, 2018 -

High price is the "stumbling block" of thick crystallites to the market.

In more than ten years of tortuous development, the discussion on Microcrystalline stone has never stopped inside and outside the industry, Microcrystalline stone is also widely slandered by the market because of its abrasion resistance, surface scratch and other defects. It has been brighter than other products, and has been criticized by many as "light pollution".

The high price has become the biggest stumbling block to the market, which has discouraged many consumers. In the early market of Microcrystalline stone, its price is often thousands of yuan, which is ten times higher than that of ordinary products. Because prices remain high, many people joke that "LCD TV is more expensive than the same area".

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