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Hardcover Room Will Become An Inevitable Trend In The Future.
- May 25, 2018 -

The development of hardcover houses appears to be positively related to the degree of national development. According to statistics, in countries with rapid real estate development in the United States, Japan, etc., the proportion of hardcover housing in residential housing has reached 80%, while in most cities in China, hardcover housing accounts for only 10% - 40%, compared with developed countries, domestic hardcover houses still have a lot of market space.

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With the refined decoration together with the full renovation. In 2002, the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Commercial Residential Decorations Once in Place" defined the specifications for full-decoration: Commercial residential housing renovation refers to commodity housing as the collective housing in newly-built urban commodity housing. Renovation at one time means that all the fixed surfaces of the functional space are fully paved or painted before the house is turned over. The basic equipment for the kitchen and the bathroom is fully installed.

Fine decoration is an inevitable trend, and some even predict that in 2025 all commercial housing will be fully renovated or refined.

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