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Guangzhou Wanda Plaza Fourth Wanda Opened In Luogang
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Guangzhou Wanda Plaza fourth Wanda opened in Luogang.

Luogang Wanda has a building area of 4141,000 square meters and a shopping mall with a commercial area of 172,000 square meters. It is the largest Wanda Plaza in Guangzhou.

In addition to introducing Wanda Department Store, Wanda Film City, Play1 Family Entertainment Center, Wanda Baby King, Huarun Wanjia, Port of China and other major stores, Luogang Wanda Square also introduces lighting, tiles and so on, attracting a large number of passengers. The most famous ceramic tile is Foshan's Cemic Tile That Looks Like Hardwood. Data show that two days before the opening, the total passenger flow reached 520 thousand, with a total turnover of more than 36 million yuan.

Ceramic Tile That Looks Like Hardwood White Wood Porcelain Tile

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