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Green Home Construction Continues To Advance
- Nov 20, 2018 -

A series of studies conducted by Dodge Data and Analytics and the National Association of Home Builders show that green buildings are rapidly gaining popularity among single-family home builders and multi-family home builders. At least one-third of single-family and multi-family builders say green buildings are an important part of their overall investment (more than 60% of their portfolio). By 2022, the number of single-family and multi-family households will increase by nearly half. In this group, nearly 30% of multi-family builders are “dedicated” green builders (more than 90% of their portfolio). For single-family homes, the proportion of “dedicated” green buildings is close to 20%, but by 2022, this proportion is expected to grow slightly.

“These findings indicate that green buildings have become a permanent part of the residential landscape,” said Granger MacDonald, president of NAHB, a home builder and developer from Colville, Texas. “It is no longer a profitable market, our members recognize the value of green buildings and are incorporating these elements into their standard business practices.

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