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Gardening Competitions Are Both Physical And Aesthetic
- Jul 22, 2018 -

The courtyard must have a brick flower pond. The schist flower beds, wells, small pools, wooden platforms, the ground are covered with granite, and the plants are planted as required. The first day was limited to 4.5 hours, mainly for the construction of flower ponds and schist flower beds. The second day was limited to 5.5 hours, making wooden platforms, small pool construction and granite paving. The fourth day is limited to 4 hours, mainly for well construction and planting.

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The construction accuracy of each module should be controlled within 2mm. The construction of the flower pond and the flower bed will test the physical strength of the players, and the planting will test the beauty of the players. About 150 plants need to be planted in the whole small courtyard. The ornamental surface of the plant should be facing outwards and trimmed. There should be no diseased branches or side branches. In addition to the length and width of the two plants, other plants are free to choose and match. "There is also a beautiful point in the game scoring. Everyone should match the characteristics of each module according to their own aesthetics." Su Yinjiang said.

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