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Full Cast Glaze
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Full cast glaze

Bright and generous, elegant and comfortable.

I'm afraid you're familiar with glazed tiles. It's a special formula glaze that can be used in glaze polishing. It's the last glaze applied to antique tiles.

At present, it is generally transparent glaze or transparent convex glaze. The throwing glaze tiles used in throwing glaze have the advantages of polishing tiles and antique tiles. The glaze surface is as smooth and clean as polishing tiles. At the same time, the glaze surface has rich patterns, thick colors or gorgeous colors like antique tiles. Therefore, the decorative effect is very elegant and comfortable, and the home environment is instantaneous. It has been upgraded to a level and can bring great enjoyment to people. LVKI is the best representative.

White Wood Porcelain Tile Matt surface bathroom tiles

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