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From Scale To Brand, Ceramic Industry Prospects
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Bottleneck 1: The consumption of single-category is limited, and the economies of scale lacked the foundation in the past; the ceramic tiles are in line with the characteristics of continuous high-temperature production.The unit cost per unit of 50% increase in the single-line scale of production capacity will be reduced by 20~30%. However, ceramic tiles are non-standard products. The production of different varieties and specifications cannot be switched, which leads to the limited market capacity of each sub-segment under the traditional mode, which is not conducive to large-scale industrial production. 

RT13 Rustic tile pattern tile  263034 2630.jpg

Bottleneck 2: homogenization of product services makes the past brand power difficult to show; most ceramic tiles at present The difference in physical performance index is small, and the probability of quality problems is very small. Consumers generally choose by comparing colors and specifications, while SMEs are easy to imitate, and because the products themselves are difficult to have quality problems, the industry generally has no after-sales service. (The shop is responsible for the decoration company), the overall service link has fewer pain points, no significant difference.

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