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From Scale To Brand Analysis Of One Of The Judgments Of The Tile Industry One
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Multi-brand strategy and mergers and acquisitions are still one of the future trends; we believe that brand positioning focuses on subdividing large categories or shaping strong brand power. For example, in recent years, Jane has focused on high-end decoration and marble tile positioning. Success; the history of ceramics business under the Mohawk Group, a leading foreign company, is a history of mergers and acquisitions;

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The hardcover house brings about industry changes, and it is expected that the second echelon will quickly gain scale advantage and then come to the fore; the real estate collection and procurement of customers will be concentrated, the variety will be limited, the monomer volume will be large, and the scale advantage of the production of ceramic tiles will be brought into play; Vanke, The annual procurement scale of each ceramic tile of Evergrande and Country Garden is expected to be around 25 million to 30 million square meters, and the unit cost is expected to drop significantly, regaining scale advantage;

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