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Foshan Ceramic Leaders Alliance Established In Chancheng Nanzhuang Content One
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The 6th China (Foshan) Ceramics Development Annual Meeting and the Ceramics General List was announced in Nanzhuang, a small ceramic building town in China. The award ceremony was held for the top ten Chinese ceramic companies, the top ten brands of Chinese ceramics, and the top 10 Chinese sanitary ware brands. Foshan Ceramics Leaders Alliance is established at the same time, will promote Foshan ceramics industry technology.

WLT07 wood look tile GMF915057 1590.jpg

The China (Foshan) Ceramics Development Annual Conference was sponsored by the National Strategic Alliance for Technology Innovation in Residential Science and Technology Industry, sponsored by the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Protection Association, co-organized by the Foshan Chancheng Economic and Technology Promotion Bureau and the Guangzhou Big Data Industry Association. The theme of this event is "The next step in the ceramic industry", with particular emphasis on future development keywords such as ceramic design, branding, and informatization applications.

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