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Environmental Protection Is A Knife For Ceramic Enterprises
- Sep 08, 2018 -

For the ceramics industry, it is definitely a year of headache for the company! The smog that has been raging for many years, the industrial waste emissions that are strongly concerned by public opinion, and the government’s determination to vigorously rectify air pollution have always been regarded as “high”. The construction industry of the pollution industry has once again returned to the critical juncture of life and death.

It is understood that at that time, based on the severe pressure of environmental pollution control, the state issued a series of mandatory standards for building materials, glass, ceramics, cement, steel, textile and chemical industries. Many mandatory standards for the industry are discussed by experts in the industry. The only standards for the ceramic industry are the absence of relevant industry experts or companies, and the data used to develop the standards comes from ceramics for daily use. Traditional shuttle kiln used in art ceramics.

This means that under the enormous cost pressure of severe environmental problems, which company can survive, it will survive. LVKI has its own factory and has many years of export experience. We provide high quality products in quality. The products are in line with national environmental standards and give you the best service.

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