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Cross-border Dialogue The Peak Thoughts Touch The Brand's Rise
- May 15, 2018 -

In the macroeconomic situation and the current environment, the development path of the pan-home-based corporate brand is based on the theme of "the era of brand change in the era of change and creation." Ren Zhiqiang of the real estate industry, Gong Zhiyun of the ceramics industry, and Fan Qichun of the design community, together Focus on brand building. Through wise thinking and reasoning in a simple way, it brings the thinking of brand building.


Ren Zhiqiang: Entrepreneurship emphasizes creating opportunities

Entrepreneurship emphasizes the creation of opportunities. If you think your market is there, you will need the products needed for this market.


Gong Zhiyun: The ceramic industry is a sunrise industry

The ceramic industry is a sunrise industry and it is also a fashion industry. The ceramic industry should focus on the following factors: brand innovation genes; product design; brand reputation; brand quality. In the future, this industry must be how to transform traditional manufacturing into information, automation, green production and intelligent manufacturing. This is the only way to go. ”


Gong Zhiyun

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