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Custom House Era Is Coming
- May 26, 2018 -

The involvement of refined decoration is the relief of the real estate industry after the housing market decline, and it is also the traffic export of the home improvement building materials industry.

WLT25 wood look tile matt tiles GMF915054 1590.jpg

In the era of “consumer upgrade”, users are more concerned with obtaining services. The driving force behind the performance development of real estate companies is to a large extent what kind of services they can provide to consumers. Service-based development will bring greater potential to the industry. Consumers continue to improve the quality of demand, real estate growth rate decline, the growth rate of the entire decoration is still 9%, more than 10%, showing that the demand for market upgrading is constantly increasing again, for the entire market, the profit is still there.

Many well-known real estate developers, such as Country Garden and Greenland, entered the main assembly industry in the form of coalition, self-construction, self-production, and investment. As a result, home-built building materials industry also received "infiltration" in all types of real estate products.

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