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Cui Zhaoju Has His Own Advantages, Which Makes Him Gradually Enter The Championship Road.
- Jul 13, 2018 -

In 2015, the school organized a training program for the World Championships. He reported on the tile veneer project. After the first exam, the school selected 12 of the 60 applicants and formed a training team. Cui Zhaoju was eliminated, but the teacher Gao Yantao (second from left) made an exception and left him and 15-year-old national technical expert Zhan Changshun. "Because I got the first place in the college's hand-painted construction drawing competition, then modeled according to the plan. I also took the first place, and the teacher gave me this opportunity."

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When he first entered the training team, Cui Zhaoju was promoted to the last one, and he wanted to give up, but the teacher Gao Yantao did not give up and helped him find the "root of the disease." Gao Yantao said: "You are not qualified as others, but not hard, not enough." Since then, he has been in the training. Once, the teachers saw Cui Zhaoju eating the same grain as the chicken. Asking him to be dry, he suddenly slowed down and said, "Oh, I was thinking about a technical problem in training."

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