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Cross-border Home Giants Rushing To The Smart Home Market
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Guangzhou Jianbo has stirred up more than half of the building materials and home furnishing circles. Furniture-customized enterprises have been vying for the slogan, grabbing the big market of home decoration, and have a good situation, and they are competing to create a layout of 100 billion-level homes. The time has changed, the pan-home, the pan-home, and the era of great integration have arrived.

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The era of new business intelligence is on the rise, the driving force for development and business ideas need to be adjusted. Enterprises do not want to be killed. Only rationally recognize the situation and see the direction. Defeating you is no longer a peer but a current situation. Cross-border robbery is no longer a small Internet grassroots hero, but a big-name big-name unicorn player.

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