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Create A Foshan Manufacturing Moat
- Nov 10, 2018 -

From July to August this year, Zhou Qiren visited more than 30 Foshan enterprises in more than 20 days, and had in-depth discussions with various functional departments. “In the land of Foshan, we have seen a lot of effective ways to improve the quality,” he said.

Zhou Qiren said that the current Foshan manufacturing base is thick, private enterprises have provoked economic gimmicks, and a number of quality pioneers have emerged, but Foshan enterprises still have room for improvement.

He suggested that Foshan should establish a higher ambition and build a high-quality land made in China, which means that the level of Foshan enterprises should be improved. "We have accumulated since the reform and opening up, we must make Foshan generally reach a higher standard, build our moat, and become a barrier to competition in Foshan and other places.

For example, Chancheng District is the highland of Chinese ceramic tiles. If Foshan manufacturing can also reach the level of Chancheng ceramic tiles, this can represent the status and advantages of Foshan manufacturing in China. ”

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