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Continued High Temperature Approaching Historical Extremes Giant Pandas Have A Cool Side
- Aug 06, 2018 -

On July 30th, the giant panda played in the air-conditioned room. On that day, Shenyang had a maximum temperature of 36 °C. On a hot summer day, the Giant Panda Pavilion at the Shenyang Forest Zoo installed air conditioning to keep the giant pandas cool.

In response to the "bitter summer", the farmers of the Shenyang Forest Zoo moved the giant pandas indoors, and set the air-conditioning temperature at 19 °C and the wind direction to the people. The breeder opens the sprinklers in the Panda Pavilion every half an hour to an hour to increase the humidity, and new ice cubes are provided in the afternoon to lower the temperature. At the same time, the giant pandas are fed cold and fresh foods, and the fresh food is kept by air, summer bamboo shoots, bamboo leaves and bamboo poles to ensure the normal living conditions of the pandas.

The reporter visited the Giant Panda Pavilion at the Shenyang Forest Zoo. Outdoor hot sun, hot summer, four pandas in the Panda Pavilion hold ice cubes, swings, and play Trojans in cool air-conditioned rooms..... People are especially envious.

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It is understood that August 10 is the 4th birthday of two of the giant pandas. At that time, the breeder will prepare a cool and refreshing ice cake for the two brothers to celebrate.

While visiting the giant panda, the reporter saw that other animals also enjoyed the "excellent treatment" of heatstroke prevention and cooling. The zoo staff dug the rhinoceros into a mud pit and let it roll in the mud pit to prevent mosquito bites and to apply "sunscreen". The Zoo Veterinary Hospital has also prepared some summer mulberry granules, which are a kind of Chinese herbal medicine drink, which is added to the drinking water of animals and has the effect of relieving heat.

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