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Consumer Purchase Scene Changes
- Jun 02, 2018 -

In addition to the gradual escalation of the brand, consumer scenes have undergone tremendous changes. In recent years, online shopping and e-commerce have occupied almost all product categories. Building material tiles are no exception.

Compared to offline purchase, online purchase has advantages and disadvantages for the tile industry. Tiles are different from fast consumer products such as electrical appliances. In the purchase process, many factors such as measurement, installation, consultation, effect, and transportation are involved. Some factors are online shopping. Can not be involved and covering factors, so the tile company failed to reach a large area of the net, most of them just opened an online shop, for the drainage under the line. In fact, for large brands, if the same product is sold online and offline at the same time, it will inevitably cause price competition. Distributors and agents will also have differences with manufacturers. This is also the main problem facing online sales.

On the other hand, the small building materials market under the line is disappearing. Taking Beijing as an example, the small and medium-sized building materials market will gradually disappear. The demolition of the building materials market has already been psychologically prepared for many tile dealers in Beijing. Beijing's non-capital functions have been sparse. It is a bulky industry and low-frequency use of tile warehouses and building materials stores are the focus of the loosening of the object.

Last year, the Wanjia Lighting Building Materials Market located on the edge of the North Fifth Ring was demolished. This year it was reported that the Xiaowuji Building Materials Market was to be demolished. In the past, there were rumors that people were basically used to it. This year, a notice was posted. In order to allow everyone to move out faster, the market was also stopped for water and blackouts. As a result, many dealers went to warehousing to disperse the originally centralized warehouse operations.

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