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China's Soybean Imports During The Year Are Expected To Reduce 10 Million Tons.
- Aug 26, 2018 -

At present, China is promoting the application of low-protein diet technology in the breeding of pigs, broilers and laying hens in the country. By adding amino acids, the proportion of protein raw materials such as soybean meal can be reduced without affecting the production performance. Studies have shown that pigs are fed a low-protein diet (with a 3% reduction in protein addition) at different growth stages and supplemented with four limiting amino acids, and pork yield and quality are not affected. It is understood that at present, China's lysine production capacity is sufficient, and the use of low-protein diet formula technology can reduce the consumption demand of soybean meal by about 5% to 7%, equivalent to about 5 million tons of soybeans. Therefore, it is feasible and sustainable to reduce the actual consumption demand of soybeans in China through low protein diet feed formula.


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