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Ceramic Wood Brick Market Performance Eye-catching
- Apr 09, 2018 -

According to Chengdu dealer Ma Yilin, compared with antique tiles and polished tiles, one of the highlights lies in its rich colors, providing consumers with more personalized choices, and the application of inkjet printing technology in the production of antique tiles, antique tiles In terms of fidelity, clarity, and exquisiteness, the number of times has increased compared to before, and therefore it is also more competitive in the market.

Now the popularity of ink-jet antique bricks in the Chengdu market can be seen from the display of many storefront products. Many dealers display ink-jet antique bricks in a more prominent location in the store, and store sales staff will also recommend ink-jet antique tiles when recommending products to consumers. A brand dealer of Fusenmei Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. introduced that, compared with ordinary antique bricks, inkjet inks are higher in terms of product purchase price, but at the time of terminal sales, retail profits of inkjet bricks are at least higher than ordinary antique bricks. Out of 15%, and some brands of tiles can be about 30% before and after the gap, so even though the purchase price of inkjet antique tiles to be higher, but the business is still profitable.

The popularity of ink-jet antique bricks is not only reflected in the well-known brands of Jin Yitao, Roman Leo, Loulan, etc. Antique brick companies in Shandong and Sichuan are also targeting the Chengdu market. The representative ceramic enterprises of Sichuan ink-jet antique bricks currently sold in the Chengdu market mainly include the Emei gold ceramics industry and the new peak in Sichuan. Representative companies in other production areas include Lion King, Tianxin, Sun, and new sights, while Shandong, Jiangxi, Non-known inkjet antique brick brands in Guangdong and other places are numerous.

Wood grain antique brick VS wood floor

The performance of middle and low-grade antique tiles in the tooling industry is different from that in the home improvement market. Tooling usually takes into account the price and performance of the products. Low prices, wear-resistance and ease of cleaning are important reasons for selling hot and medium-sized antique tiles in the Chengdu market.

According to Chen Deming, a designer of Chengdu Hongjingling Decoration Company, there are many tea houses and clubs in Chengdu, and these places will be renovated every few years, which brings a large market demand for middle and low-grade antique tiles. The decoration of the tea house and the clubhouse is basically designed and constructed by the decoration company, and many of the projects are package materials. Therefore, decoration companies or designers often have the right to speak when choosing antique tiles. Decoration companies generally also Choose some more fixed businesses to cooperate. However, since most middle and low-end antique brick dealers rely on low-price competition, they mainly adopt the business model of “sitting on business”, and the sales channels are still mainly retail.

The sales of high-end antique bricks are different from those of middle- and low-end antique bricks in terms of expansion of invisible channels. According to an antique brick brand sales manager in Chengdu, the current sales of high-grade antique tiles have a greater dependence on decoration companies and designers. The decorative effect of antique tiles needs to be achieved through relatively complete design and paving solutions. Often do not have the appropriate professional standards, so even if consumers have the time to personally go to the market to select tile brands and tile designs, will bring designers, and designer's recommendations usually will affect the consumer's purchase decision.

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