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Ceramic Companies Are Facing Challenges.Content 2
- Sep 05, 2018 -

First, the innovation of various technologies

Technological innovation is the key to winning competition in ceramic enterprises. To develop, enterprises must rely on scientific and technological progress, raise the awareness of independent innovation, enhance the ability of independent innovation, clarify the significance of technological innovation to the ceramic industry, and overcome the weak sense of independent innovation of enterprises. Grasping market opportunities and technological opportunities, making correct decisions on technological innovation, effectively implementing and making decisions and successfully introducing markets. Introduce new products to the market through technological innovation. It can make ceramic enterprises invincible.

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Second, the effect of the brand

A good brand reputation will bring unexpected benefits to the company. For a long time, the brand promotion strategy of ceramic enterprises has the disadvantages of simplification and rigid communication methods, such as placement in professional newspapers and magazines, large outdoor advertisements, various activities, interior design evaluation, etc. In fact, this promotion strategy is Waste of resources, but not good results. Need to change the marketing method, become passive and take the initiative. Through professional ceramic associations, word-of-mouth can be used to shape their own ideas and cultures, and use advanced and fashionable concepts to guide consumers, actively explore the market, design to bring new visual impacts to consumers, and guide new decoration concepts.

Third, the introduction and cultivation of talents

The talent development capability, innovation vitality, strength and potential of the enterprise are the essential elements for the survival of the enterprise. Enterprises can establish a platform for continuing education and knowledge update services for advanced innovative talents, and can also adopt innovative mechanisms combining production, learning and research. This not only solves the problem of lack of talents in the enterprise, but also transforms and applies high-level scientific and technological knowledge. Government departments should also attach importance to actively recruiting high-level innovative talents. There should be a corresponding preferential subsidy policy. It is also necessary to pay attention to the improvement of the incentive mechanism for innovative talents, and to rank the key scientific and technological workers with outstanding achievements as the key personnel training targets.

Fourth, energy saving and emission reduction control

Energy conservation and emission reduction are related to the survival and development of the ceramic industry. Large-scale high-efficiency energy-saving furnaces, polished tiles and large-scale building ceramic plates, and various technologies for daily use, construction, sanitation and art ceramics have also been perfected, some have reached the world's advanced level; the industrial structure has been significantly optimized, and the product structure has also been improved. From the medium, low and high-grade development, it has basically met the needs of customers at different levels; the industrial cluster development has formed China's own ceramic production areas. The application of new ceramic materials, structural materials with high strength, high toughness, high hardness, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, the rise of labor, land, resources and other costs, led to many companies exit the market. Technology has driven development and has also driven demand for costs. With the rise of China's ceramic industry in the international market in recent years, the domestic ceramic industry must accelerate the control of energy conservation and emission reduction, actively respond to changes in the market situation, and drive and accelerate the pace of this industrial chain.

Fifth, the improvement of the service system

Ceramic enterprises target high-, medium-, and low-end consumer groups in the building materials terminal market. Improve the quality and professional skills of all aspects, maintain the traditional marketing model, vigorously develop the network marketing model, and combine with each other to benefit both parties.

Among the ceramic enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, due to their own small business capital, high operational risk, poor credit and government financial support for ceramic enterprises, etc., can be organized by professional ceramic associations, financing from the capital market or currency. The market is supported by funds to supplement its own shortcomings in order to achieve long-term development.

Sixth, the improvement of the system

The ceramic industry must not only stabilize the tradition, but also advance into the field of high-tech ceramics to achieve the upgrading of the ceramic industry.

The government helps, updates ideas and creates an equal financing environment for enterprises. Financial institutions should improve credit management mechanisms and strengthen credit services for SMEs. Improve credit management, establish a sense of loan marketing, and actively support the healthy development of SMEs. Enterprises, banks, governments, and the society work together to implement comprehensive governance.

Seven, increase policy efforts

The government formulates policies and regulations to promote innovation, and through the administrative power of the government, strengthens the implementation of the same policy, creates conditions for fair competition in the ceramic industry, maintains the orderly competition in the ceramic market, and standardizes market competition. Let the ceramic industry go crazy.

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