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Between The Cents And The Heart Of The Craftsmanship, The Gap Between The Tiles Should Not Exceed 2mm
- Jul 21, 2018 -

In the Guangdong Division, the players need to complete the A wall, the B wall and the ground three-sided tiling in the three-day competition. The A wall is the image of the Oriental Pearl Tower, the B wall is the image of the Chinese map, and the ground requires the player to lay their own clothes. It is "2018" "Simplified two numbers of "18".

RT16 Rustic tile pattern tile img 2630.jpg

The site manager of the project, Xiao Youzhen, a teacher of the Guangzhou Construction Engineering Vocational School, said that the flatness, verticality and level of the veneer are score points, and the error should not exceed 5mm. The gap between the tiles should not exceed 2mm. If the gap is wrong, the whole figure will not be good. Each graphic has a precise size, the arc must be smooth, and the B wall with the map graphic is the most difficult, because there are many arcs that need to be cut, and a brick has several sizes. “After the posting, the technology is good. I know if it is horizontal and vertical, and whether the color is beautiful.” Xiao Youxi said that the audience can see the level of the player through cutting level and operational proficiency. The operation of the player is how to control the horizontal, vertical and flat tiles."

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