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Automation Is A Revolution In Traditional Industries
- Jun 07, 2018 -

When people are eager to focus on the smart home, the automation revolution in the home industry is quietly proceeding. As a traditional manufacturing industry, sanitary ware, paint, furniture, and flooring companies have always been labor-intensive industries. Why did they accelerate automation in the past two years?

The China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association stated that taking the ceramic sanitary ware industry as an example, the loss of workers on one side and the increase in the cost of human resources have prompted the sanitary ware companies to use machines to replace some of the manual labor. Of course, this problem does not occur only in the ceramic sanitary ware industry, but The entire traditional manufacturing industry.

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With rapid economic development, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Traditional manufacturing is currently at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading. Words such as green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing have frequently become hot topics in the industry, and have also become targets and directions for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries. . As far as smart manufacturing is concerned, the current ceramics industry is still far from the level of smart manufacturing. It can only be said that efforts are being made and promoted in this direction.

The future has arrived, and the pace of intelligent development is getting faster and faster. In the industry, “intelligent” will gradually become a consensus and is willing to be a peer.

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