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Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Chinese Ceramic Tile Brands
- Nov 30, 2018 -

There are many types of brand culture of ceramic tiles. For example, whether it is original or not, it can be divided into original brand culture and non-original brand culture. From the value orientation of the brand, it can be divided into brand culture that emphasizes quality, brand culture that emphasizes life style, and emphasizes natural ecology. Brand culture, etc.; classification from the cultural system is the easiest way to classify.

The brand culture of ceramic tiles is generally divided into three categories from the cultural system. One type is Western culture, and there are many such types. Such as Marco Polo, Monte Carlo, Summit, Grice, Louis Modern, Roman Leo, etc.; the second category is Eastern culture, less, such as Guanzhu, Shengtaofang, Datang Hesheng, etc.; the third category is other Classes do not strictly define the style of tile culture. Such as LVKI, Hui Wanjia and so on.

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