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Original brand representatives are non-special · negative ion tiles
- Nov 29, 2018 -

As early as 2004, we have successfully developed ceramic tiles with negative ion generating function. We have been leading this emerging category for ten years, and the technology used is quite mature. The production is very stable and sold at the terminal. It has also become a climate.

Negative ion ceramic tile is a kind of functional ceramic tile that can produce negative ions. Its surface decoration effect is no different from ordinary ceramic tiles. Only when a certain precious mineral raw material is added to the product, it can generate negative ions beneficial to human health. With the continuous improvement of negative ion ceramic tile production technology, the current negative ion ceramic tile can be realized on various types of ceramic tiles. Marble tiles, full glaze, ceramic slabs, hexagonal bricks, etc. all have negative ion function.

In 2004, the company integrated the health and environmental protection into the ceramic tile. After 4,380 days with Sun Yat-sen University, it developed a functional ceramic tile that can “generate negative ions and purify the air”. The first negative ion ceramic tile was born. In 2017, it became the three major standard makers of negative ion ceramic tiles, and escorted the negative ion functional ceramic tile market.

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