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About [2018 Home Improvement BOSS Bainaohui]
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Technology has changed life, and intelligence has become a topic that the home industry cannot circumvent. High-tech continues to penetrate into every aspect of life. A smart home must integrate more intelligence, learning and development from the beginning of renovation. Tencent Home and Chiyan Business School jointly launched the "Smart Seeing the Future" 2018 Wholesale Big Home and Smart Business Innovation Summit, which is one of the "Home Improvement BOSS Bainaohui" 2018 National 15th City Tour Tour, and also the mid-year home furnishing industry. A grand event. At the same time, the industry's big coffee and opinion leaders carry out dry goods sharing, thought collision, focus on the business operation of the pioneering thesis, realize the resource introduction and supply chain grafting with technology empowerment, jointly turn the pulse home industry, and see the future, solve the home business operation. problem.

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