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A Good Tile Five Strokes To Test Out Do Not Believe You Try
- Apr 26, 2018 -

In the building materials market, counterfeit products can be described as difficult to prevent, especially ceramic tiles, which are hard to distinguish. Five simple and easy-to-use methods to identify inferior tiles, take a look.

First, pour water: water absorption reflects the density of the tile, indirectly reflects the hardness of the tile, tile is not as good as the lower the water absorption rate oh. First pour the water on the front and back of the tile, and carefully observe the water penetration. If you buy a polished tile, the water will be sucked in immediately and you will encounter poor quality polished tiles.

Second, look at the surface roughness: when the tile is not paved, it is recommended that you first look at the flatness of the tile surface, after confirmation, then call the decoration master to start work, so as to avoid the aesthetic problems caused by the problems of the tiles, It can also avoid the master from pushing his craft problem to the ceramic tile problem.

Third, the corner straightness test: Tile corner straightness test, the purpose is to look at whether the overall tile tile neat, gap size is the same. Take a few tiles together and lay them on a flat surface. Observe whether the gap between the tile and the tile is the same. Whether the corners of the tile can be put together and not too much rejection. If the corners are not straight, the tiles must be uneven.

Fourth, get stains to see: do anti-fouling test is very simple, just need to drop a few drops of ink or edible oil on the tile surface, wait for a moment the ink is dry, to see if it is easy to wash out, if you leave ink, It is recommended that you still choose another one.

Scraping: Initially determine whether the surface is wearable. We only need to pick up the knife in the hand and scratch the surface of the tile to see if it will scrape off the glaze on the surface of the tile. If even such a small characterization Can not afford it, you can conclude that this tile is not a long time to accompany us as a good partner.

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