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A Dreamer Who Sticks To The Three-foot Platform
- Oct 10, 2018 -

Lixin Village, located in the depths of Meiling Mountain in Wanli District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, is a typical remote mountain village. From here, it takes nearly two hours to go to the nearest Meiling Town. In order to let the children in the lower grades of the village be able to study nearby, Gao Zairen, who has a disability, has been in the mountainous platform for 41 years and has become a "crutch" teacher who has been passed down by local villagers. Gao Ziren is inconvenient to move because of polio on his left leg. He needs to walk on crutches.

In 1977, Gao Ziren, who just graduated from high school, chose to return to his hometown in the mountains and worked as an ordinary mountain village teacher in the depths of Dashan. The rugged mountain road is a problem for Gao Ziren, who has inconvenient legs and feet. In the past, Gao Ziren took a cane and walked nearly 6 miles a day. After an hour, he rushed to the school to teach the children. When it rained and the weather was fine, the mountain road was slippery. It was easy to wrestle when he was not careful. He could not remember himself. How many times have you fallen on this road? With the inconvenience of increasing his age, he purchased a moped. He can buy some fresh vegetables for lunch at noon every day. When the weather is bad, he can send students to go home from school. Gao Ziren will often go to stay with the children's home visits to understand their situation and pay more attention to these children in the school. It is because of these details of the dedication and care that many students still remember the high teacher who cares about them even after leaving the school for decades.

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