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6D Inkjet Wood Brick Came Out To Attract Attention
- Aug 19, 2018 -

In 2014, there was a new wave in the ceramics industry. In the past two years, the wood-grain bricks that quickly occupied the home decoration market became the road for the enterprises to seize the market share of the ceramic industry in 2014 and to overcome the market growth.

The reporter observed the latest information of ceramic enterprises, and many companies such as Yijian Tile, Xinzhongyuan Ceramics, Loulan Ceramics, etc. have listed inkjet wood grain bricks.

As we all know, wood grain brick is a new type of environmentally-friendly building material with a wood grain decorative pattern on the surface. The early wood grain brick craftsmanship is rough, the image is chilly and rustic, and perhaps the consumers who love wood do not think that it is such a ceramic. The finished tile will gradually replace the position of the solid wood floor.

Yes, in recent years, the domestic tile industry's wood grain brick technology innovation speed is very fast, wood grain bricks quickly occupy the tile industry, and polished tiles, all polished glazed tiles for home decoration services, especially the rapid improvement of 3D inkjet technology, The emergence of 3D inkjet wood bricks is a good choice for consumers who are pursuing individualized decoration, pursuing environmental protection and being kind and natural.

However, the pace of technological innovation in the ceramic tile industry has not stopped. In fact, at an earlier time, some experts once said: The future wood grain bricks must be a big category. Now we say that wood grain bricks may refer to a series of wood grain bricks, but the future is definitely some Brand wood grain bricks.

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