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2018 New Trend In Ceramic Tile Industry
- May 20, 2018 -

With the changes of the market environment in 2017 and 2018 and the impact of international fashion trends, the trend of ceramic tile products has been changed under the promotion of modern minimalist style. In 2018, the simple ceramic tiles are booming.

WLT16 wood look tile  GMM915312 1560.jpg

According to relevant data statistics, consumers are more inclined to "simple wind" in the selection of home furnishings and decoration styles, so simple tiles are still a major trend. However, this year's minimalist tiles exhibit a slightly different style from the past. It is based on simplicity but more inspiration from history, nature, architecture, art, and other aspects, embodies the feeling of "simple and simple". In the past, the home furnishing style focused on the end of the luxury style, and the style of home improvement changed from a gorgeous style to a modern minimalist style and from luxurious to light luxury.

WLT19 wood look tile matt tiles GMS120153 20100.jpg

Simple tiles avoid the visual fatigue caused by the complex design and variety of colors, and more and more social elites begin to respect this style. Some experts predict that the simple tiles in 2018 will shine.

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