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2018 Annual Top Ten Brands Of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Revealed In Beijing Content Two
- May 12, 2018 -

Tang Baoling: A feast of the peak collision of the ceramic industry

Tang Baoling, chairman of the China Industrial Cooperation Association, delivered an opening speech for the 8th China Cross-border Summit on Real Estate and Pan-Family Industry. She believes that this year's activities will continue to focus on national policies and the situation of the times and provide an exchange platform for the industry. This will be a feast for the development of the current and future ceramic industry. For the future of the industry, Tang Baoling is full of confidence: “All of you here are witnesses, pioneers and builders of the real estate and pan-home industries in China. As long as we all have forged ahead of our hearts and promoted China’s Gongye, we work hard and work together.” The spirit, sincere solidarity, and common struggle will surely create brilliant achievements that belong to the new era!"


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