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2018 11 South China International Auto Show
- Oct 16, 2018 -

2018 11 South China International Auto Show

Pazhou·Guangzhou International Purchasing Center grand opening

     The 2018 11 South China International Auto Show, defined as the B-Class Grand Car Show, will be held in Pazhou. The auto show is built by V-vehicle network (China's famous Internet auto show brand) and Yangcheng Evening News and other local authoritative media. It focuses on the auto market in six provinces of South China. The auto manufacturers are fully supported, not only high-end atmosphere, brand, price, service, and concessions. Strive to bring an unprecedented car feast to the masses.

15*60 ceramic wood flooring rustic Light surface wood look tile

       There are 120 car brands and more than 1,000 new cars, which basically cover all the hot-selling models in South China. They will be implemented with price reduction, profit-making, group purchase and other promotional policies. 1000 yuan car vouchers, 200 yuan car red envelopes, auto show packages, auto show specials Cars and so on will be offered together.

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