Marble Tile

  • Light Brown Marble Tile

    Light Brown Marble Tile

    FOB price: Get latest price Machine pressure: about 7200tons Product capability: 50000sqm per day MOQ: one container one model Payment support: L/C, T/TRead More

  • White And Grey Marble Tiles

    White And Grey Marble Tiles

    White and grey marble tiles belongs light grey series, upon the tiles surface, like water wave on them. The full body marble tile owns the water absorption below 0.05%. Main grey colour can also can let space more high-end and more bright. 600*1200mm big size you can cut...Read More

  • Honed Marble Bathroom Floor

    Honed Marble Bathroom Floor

    Factory modern honed marble bathroom floor as the full body marble tile, not only has good practicality, but the decorative effect is excellent. Embryo body and surface effect are the same natural colour and texture. For this character, the tiles can't be influenced by many...Read More

  • Marble Tile Bathroom Shower

    Marble Tile Bathroom Shower

    This Marble Tile Bathroom Shower is a full-body marble tile with polished surface tiles. The floor tiles have a sand-like texture that feels like the wind, refreshing and natural.Read More

  • Beige Marble Floor Tiles

    Beige Marble Floor Tiles

    The beige marble floor tiles, the dark texture effect, reflects the layering of the marble, realismRead More

  • Bathroom Wall Floor Tiles

    Bathroom Wall Floor Tiles

    Marble tiles are preferred AAA high-gloss nano-glazed porcelain marble tiles, the best of gray marble, criss-cross texture, for indoor and outdoor floors and walls, is your best choiceRead More

  • Carrara Marble Tile

    Carrara Marble Tile

    Carrara marble tile has the carrara white with the grey lines,that have the real marble tile look.Besides,full body marble tile has the double zero water absorption,that can make the marble tile more durable.Read More

  • Marble Wall Tile Bathroom

    Marble Wall Tile Bathroom

    Cream colour with the stone texture like the real tone.Marble wall tile bathroom has a big size of 800*800mm.This is the full body marble tile has 100% similar to the real marble tile with the same look inside and outside.Read More

  • Marble Look Tiles Bathroom

    Marble Look Tiles Bathroom

    Grade AAA with below 0.5% water absorption,the marble look tiles bathroom has the special look that like the real marble tile.High gloss with nano glazed porcelain full body marble tile,can make your decor more high-end.Read More

  • Grey Marble Bathroom Tiles

    Grey Marble Bathroom Tiles

    Google description:grey marble bathroom tiles Grey marble bathroom tiles,as the full body marble tile,has the medium grey colour and marble veined pattern.Low water absorption,wear-resistant,acid resistant and so on are the unique feature.Besides,the marble tile has the same...Read More

  • White Marble Bathroom Floor

    White Marble Bathroom Floor

    White marble bathroom floor,as a kind of full body marble tile,has the carrara white with stone texture.Double zero water absorption and the glossy surface can let the tile used at least 20 years.Read More

  • White Marble Shower Tile

    White Marble Shower Tile

    White marble shower tile as the hot sale full body marble tile,one stone with many surface.Big size marble tile can be cut and desired many shapes that you like.Besides,the white marble shower tile has the real stone texture,that seems so natural.Read More

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